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School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

  1. Accident and Incident Policypdf
  2. Administering Medicine Policypdf
  3. Adult Roles and Responsibilities Policypdf
  4. Anti Bullying Policy2013pdf
  5. Behaviour Management Policypdf
  6. Characteristics of Effective Learningpdf
  7. Child Protection Policypdf
  8. Complaints Policypdf
  9. Curriculum Policypdf
  10. Dbs Certificate Handlingpdf
  11. Disability Access Planpdf
  12. Display Policypdf
  13. EAL Policypdf
  14. Early Years Foundation Stagepdf
  15. Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policypdf
  16. Exclusion Policypdf
  17. EYFS Behaviour Management Policypdf
  18. EYFS Learning and Teaching Policypdf
  19. EYFS Send Policypdf
  20. Fire Risk Prevention Policypdf
  21. Fire Safety Policypdf
  22. First Aid Policypdf
  23. Food Hygiene Policypdf
  24. General Admissions Policypdf
  25. Health Safety and Welfare Policypdf
  26. Healthy Eating Policypdf
  27. Illness Upset and Crying Policypdf
  28. Intimate Care Policypdf
  29. Key Person Policypdf
  30. Manual Handling Policypdf
  31. Missing Pupil Policypdf
  32. Non Attendance Policypdf
  33. Nursery Class Admissions Policypdf
  34. Nursery Class Off Site Visits Policypdf
  35. Offsite Visits Policy EYFSpdf
  36. Offsite Visits Policy Generalpdf
  37. Onsite Visitors Policypdf
  38. Parent Carer Partnership Policypdf
  39. Payment Planpdf
  40. Physical Restraint and Contact Policypdf
  41. Promoting Fundamental British Values Policypdf
  42. PSED Policypdf
  43. Racial Equality Policypdf
  44. Risk Assessment Policypdf
  45. Safeguarding Policypdf
  46. Safer Recruitment Policypdf
  47. School Emergency Closure Policypdf
  48. Sex and Relationship Educationpdf
  49. Social Moral Spiritual Cultural Policypdf
  50. Special Educational Needs Disability Policypdf
  51. Staff Conduct and Standards Policypdf
  52. Staff Induction Policypdf
  53. The Role of the Key Personin Settling Inpdf
  54. Transition and Settling in Policypdf
  55. Uncollected Child Policypdf
  56. Safeguarding Policypdf
  57. Safeguarding Policypdf
  58. Safeguarding Policypdf