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Year Group   Fees (Per Term) from Sept 2018 Fees After Reduction
Nursery 2 Year Olds Free flexible 15 hrs entitlement (if eligible, contact school office for details)  
Year Pre-Reception 3 & 4 Year Olds £2,250.40 (less free flexible 15 hrs entitlement) £1,384.00
Year Reception  5 Year Olds £2,250.40 (less £866.40 Grangewood Bursary) £1,384.00
Year 1 - Year 6 6 - 11 Year Olds £2,100 per term (siblings of current pupils pay £1,890 per term)  
  • 10% discount will be given to first siblings who attends Grangewood School
  • 10% discount will be also be given to children of full-time workers in Church ministries.

Fees are payable per term in advance, or by means of monthly payments to School Fee Plan.  (Details provided upon request).  

Fee Payment Due on:

  • Autumn Term starts 3rd September 2020
    Payment for Autumn Term fees must be made on
    5th June 2020
    5th July 2020
    5th August 2020
    to ensure full payment is received by start of Autumn Term.
  • Spring Term starts 5th January 2021
    Payment for Spring Term fees must be made on
    5th October 2020
    5th November 2020
    5th December 2020
    to ensure full payment is received by start of Spring Term.
  • Summer Term starts 12th April 2021
    Payment for Summer Term fees must be made on
    5th Jan 2021
    5th Feb 2021
    5th March 2021
    to ensure full payment is received by start of Autumn Term.

Please note that monies paid for school fees are non refundable.

As mentioned above we can claim the Early Years Education (Nursery).  There is a grant from the London Borough of Newham which gives a fee reduction up to £1,845 per annum for parents of 3 and 4 year olds and is shown as a credit on the fee invoice.  Please speak to the school secretary to see if you qualify.  We also accept childcare vouchers, which can be used to offset fees.

Please contact us via our details below for any fee related enquiries:

Tel: (0) 20 8472 3552 or E-mail:

Click here for information on paying for school fees