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Welcome to Grangewood Independent

Grangewood Independent School , situated in the east end of London, was founded in 1979. We are a co-educational school that provides a unique and enjoyable educational experience for children from two to eleven years.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs B. A. Roberts


School Business Manager:
Mr T. Roberts


School Accountant:

Mr A. Gudka


School Secretary:
Mrs M. Siddons


Mrs Bah/Ms Lascelles (2yrs olds/Nursery)
Miss R. George (Reception)

Mrs J. George (Year 1)
Miss J. Peter (Year 2)
Miss A. Batt (Year 3/4)
Mr D. Blankson (Year 5/6)


Early Years Teaching Assistant:

Mrs P. Bhudia

Mrs S Yaqub


French/Spanish Tutor:
Mrs M. Kakoni


Peripatetic Staff: 
Mr A. Barker (Piano)
Mr B. Osborne (Drums)
Mr A. Blondell (Guitar)
Vacant Position (Violin)
Ms C. Joseph (Dance)

Ms C. Summers (Gymnastics)


Lunchtime Supervisor:

Mrs N. Mistry


Lunchtime Assistants:
Mrs B. Abdul-Rahman
Mrs G. Fatima


After School Club:

Mrs M. Kaur
Mrs M. Bah

Ms H. Lascelles


Breakfast Club Caterer:

Mrs J. Beckford


Premier Sport:

Mr M. Johnson

Miss D. Davis


Vacant Position


Mr H. Cobo