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Welcome to Grangewood Independent

Grangewood Independent School , situated in the east end of London, was founded in 1979. We are a co-educational school that provides a unique and enjoyable educational experience for children from two to eleven years.

House Points/Awards

All Grangewood, children are allocated a 'House' upon entry. During their school journey, children can gain house points and/or stickers for: good behaviour, excellent work, good effort and when they have met expectations.  Individual awards can be attained by students:


Bronze Award - 500 House Points

Silver Award - 1,000 House Points

Gold Award - 2,000 House Points


Team totals are posted below:


HOUSE POINTS (up to and inc 27th January 2017)
House Total b/fwd from previous newsletter This Week's Total

Grand Total

PALM 6,797 3,604 17,359
OLIVE 4,276


CEDAR 5,420 2,920 14,193
ACACIA 4,626 2,810 12,910


Congratulations to the following who have achieved individual awards:


Headteacher's Award



Fruit of The Spirit Award

Cesare S (YPR) - for self control

All of class Y3/4 for kindness to the YR children


Bronze Award
(500 House Points)

 Nathan F (YPR)

Diya P (YPR)



Silver Award

(1000 House Points)

Yusuf U (Y1/2)

Gold Award

(2000 House Points)