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Welcome to Grangewood Independent

Grangewood Independent School , situated in the east end of London, was founded in 1979. We are a co-educational school that provides a unique and enjoyable educational experience for children from two to eleven years.

Admissions Procedure

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

At Grangewood, children may start School in the term following their second birthday. Parents are invited to make an appointment to see the Head Teacher and look round the school (with or without their child) prior to the entrance procedure and testing of the child being admitted.


Parents are provided with a copy of the School Prospectus and asked to complete and return the enrolment form to the School Office with the non-refundable registration fee of £40.  Following this, an assessment is arranged and admission is confirmed in writing. Once the child has been admitted, parents are asked to keep in close contact with the Class Teacher to ensure that their child's transition is a smooth one.


A request will be made to the applicant's School/Nursery for a confidential report on his/her academic progress and social development. As soon as the child starts School, the School Secretary will request records from the previous School/Nursery.

Entrance Procedure for Year Reception:


· Procedure for admission into the Reception Class will be selective. In the year before entry, children will be invited to attend in small groups.

· They will be asked to listen to a story and to undertake play-style activities.

· Children will be assessed on their ability to listen and respond to a story, and to mix in a group situation and follow instructions.

A child is offered a place at Grangewood provided that:


· There is a vacancy.

· Parents agree to support Grangewood's behaviour policy.

· Parents agree to support the ethos of the School.

· Sufficient support is available at Grangewood to meet the child's needs.


When a place has been offered, it will not be guaranteed until the Deposit Bond of £300 is paid. The Deposit will

be refunded on the leaving date, provided that:


· The child has completed at least one term in the school.

· A term’s notice, in writing, of the child’s removal from the school has been given.

· No school property has been lost or damaged by that pupil and ALL fees and charges have been paid by the leaving date.


Notice is not required when a child leaves the school at the end of Year 6. In this circumstance, the deposit will be refunded subject to all

other conditions above being satisfied.